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Optibright & Optiblue Bulbs

Everyone wants to be able to drive safely all of the time, but night driving presents its own unique challenges. Even motorists with perfect vision suffer an average of 70% visual impairment when it’s dark. However, by fitting Optibright light bulbs from Toyota, you can benefit from up to 50% more light on the road ahead.

Optibright bulbs make you more visible, and they allow you to read the road more effectively. They deliver a beam range between 10 and 20 metres longer than conventional bulbs, depending on conditions, enabling you to avoid hazards and see your way out of potential trouble before it happens.

See in style with Optiblue


For drivers who want to combine enhanced safety with a strikingly sporty look, Optiblue light bulbs help you stand out from the crowd. They emit a brilliant white-blue daylight beam that not only attracts attention, it also illuminates the road superbly well, providing up to 30% more light than a conventional bulb.

The distinctive, stylish Optiblue beam not only throws out more light, its highly reflective white-blue tint also increases the readability of street signage. Night driving becomes easier and safer, while your vehicle gains an irresistible sporty styling that can’t be missed.

Optibright and Optiblue bulbs are manufactured to the high standards that you expect from all genuine Toyota parts and accessories, so you can rely on them to keep you safe and keep you seen when it matters. Ask your Toyota Authorised Repairer about upgrading to Optibright or Optiblue bulbs today, and enjoy outstanding performance every time you drive.


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